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Vietnam report on HCM real estate Q12018 (Savills)

HCM real estate Q12018

Vietnam report on HCM real estate Q12018: Record-breaking new supply on apartment sector, and more information of the market. Contact us for a full report.


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Q&A for investing in Vietnam real estate

Q&A for investing in Vietnam real estate

I have been helping the investor to invest in Vietnam, hereby some most frequently asked question:

1.    What is the process of buying an apartment in Vietnam (with/without service)?

 I will update another post for full process, briefly it is:

a.    Review and choose project

b.    Come to Vietnam for signing contract, open a bank account

c.    Follow the payment scheme until the apartment handed-over

d.   Managing the asset: Sell or lease

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Vietnam Real Estate 4Q17

Vietnam Real Estate market report 4Q17

Hereby the Vietnam Real Estate market 4Q17, shared by CBRE,

The end of 2017 marked a transformation of the condominium market from robust growth to more sustainable growth. Even though total new supply showed a decrease, good product configuration helps the market to maintain good absorption.


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Real Estate Market Q3 2017 summary report by CBRE (Ho Chi Minh City)

Q3 2017, what we should expect the real estate market look like?

Real Estate Market summary highlight of Q3 2017 - Ho Chi Minh City:

1. Competitive rental market. Binh Thanh and District 2 is going down (with different reasons, District 2 having more supplier to cool down the market and get to the right price when Binh Thanh lost its chance because of more supplier coming in other better attractive area like District 2, District 7).

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Vietnam house price: what does the primary market look like?

Vietnam house price:

Before I go to the summary of Vietnam House price, let's agree on those things below:

1. As a foreigner, it is the easiest for you to buy condominium project (apartment). Hereby we will look at this market segment price only.

2. All the information is based and inspired by CBRE report (Real Estate Market Insight Q3 2017)

3. The information I share is very brief, for the full report, please contact me.

Price range

Affordable: < USD 800 psm

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Selling price of Ho Chi Minh city real estate

The selling price of Ho Chi Minh city real estate

The selling price chart shows positives in all segments. Luxury and affordable are the highest increased ones. They are two totally different market segments, check out the price difference between them at my earlier post, basically price ranges from affordable: < USD 800 psm; mid-end: USD 800 psm - USD 1,500 psm; high-end: USD 1,500 psm - USD 3,500 psm; luxury: > USD 3,500 psm)

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Ho Chi Minh City apartment price change in 20 years

The apartment price changes in 20 years in Ho Chi Minh City- residential market. Report by Savills

The apartment price graphic in 20 years.

Since it was USD 600 psm in the past, now the average apartment price almost double - USD 1,200 psm and be forecasted to increase strongly in the near future, bridge and metro and expand city plans are changing the real estate price daily.

Noticed 2008 crisis was bad with real estate bubble, after that, the market was picking up since 2014

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Developer of Q2 Thao Dien - who are they?

Developer Q2 Thao Dien project is Frasers Property - an international brand of  Frasers Centrepoint Limited (FCL). For the Vietnamese market, Frasers is not a familiar name, but for the rest of the world, Frasers is a big name with world-class luxury hotels and resorts in Australia, China, Thailand and the UK.

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Rental Yield in District 2

Rental yield Chart research in District 2, by Huttons VND

Check out other rental yield projects or contact me for further information

The opinions expressed in this article are the author's own and do not reflect the view of any organization.


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Capital Appreciation in District 2

The opinions expressed in this article are the author's own and do not reflect the view of any organization.

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Why Q2 Thao Dien and why NOW?

In this post I will share with you about ROI of existing projects in the area, the exclusive of this product, the location, then you would decide why Q2 Thao Dien for yourself.




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Vietnam real estate 2Q17

Vietnam real estate 2Q17

Vietnam real estate 2Q17 report by CBRE, here is some highlights of the second quarter, 2017 market review:

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Investor's tip when comprising D7 and D2


Investor's tip when comprising D7 and D2

Investor's tip No.1 - Location: At the moment, District 7 is more advantage than District 2 because it widely borders with District 8, District 4, District 5, also it is easy to go to District 9, District 1.

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Vietnam economy

Vietnam's economy has continued its robust growth

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Vietnam property foreign ownership has been approved

New laws opened up the Vietnamese property foreign ownership to expats (Law on Housing, Law No. 65/2014/QH13)

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Vietnam investment opportunities

In Q3 2016, total dwelling sales in HCMC surged by 49% from the previous quarter, and by 193% y-o-y

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